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ziemia niczyja

“The real world is much smaller than the world of the imagination. If you look into the abyss for too long, the abyss begins to look at you. Man is the cruelest animal.”Friedrich Nietzsche

What is the title “no man’s land”? A zone of freedom? Safety? Each of us moves in no man’s space, creating his own independence, building identity. But “no man’s land” can rob us of a sense of belonging. It is a space where there are no rules. Reflecting on the issue of statehood, Friedrich Nietzsche wrote that a totalitarian state is the final fall of humanity. “(…) Where the state ends, the man who is not superfluous only begins: there begins the song of the indispensable, the only and irreplaceable note. Where the state ceases, look at me, my brethren! Do you not see there the rainbow and the bridges of the superman?”

ziemia niczyja


concept, direction & choroegraphyAnna PiotrowskamusicDominik “Domix” Franusikcreation & performanceKamil Bończyk, Anna Piotrowska, Alexey Torgunakovcostume designAnna Piotrowskaset designAdam Królikowski, Anna Piotrowskalight designPaweł Murlikproductioneferte_Fundacja Rozwoju Tańca, Centrum Sztuki Tańca w Warszawie, Fundacja Rozwoju Teatru ‘NOWA FALA’, Fundacja Artystyczna PERFORMpremiere24.09.2018, Centrum Sztuki Tańca w Warszawie, Warsaw, Polanddiration60 min.Share

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