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Zagubieni w skórze

Anna Piotrowska in Zagubieni w skórze [Lost in the skin] attempts to answer the questions: what am I, what constitutes me and, consequently, who am I? We only know ourselves superficially, gliding on the lid of our being. Lost, busy, alien to ourselves, we just do not know ourselves very well. We do not have time to listen to the needs of our bodies, which have their own sensitivities, intelligence, and needs.
The piece is a physiological and philosophical tale about the profoundness of self-experience and self-cognition. Following up on her democratic body, the artist revisits the theme of the BODY which is cast as the main protagonist in the performance. Skin becomes a convention, protection, umbrella, and a springboard. The presence and better recognition of the self – one’s body – facilitates the functioning of different yet somewhat identical bodies in the society.

Zagubieni w skórze

dance theater performance

concept, direction & choreographyAnna PiotrowskamusicMichał Mackiewiczcreation & performanceArtur Bieńkowski, Kamil Bończyk, Szymon Dobosik, Jacek Niepsujewicz, Angelika Tomasiak, Alexey Torgunakov, Piotr Mateusz Wachcostume designAdam Królikowskiset designAnna Piotrowskalighting designPaweł Murlik, Anna Piotrowskaassistant directorAdrian Koszewskicritical observatoryAnna Duda, Aleksandra KranzproductionROZBARK Theaterpremiere07.11.2015, ROZBARK Theater, Bytom, Polandduration60 min.Share

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