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Under the Dead Tree

The inspiration for the work Under the Dead Tree by Anna Piotrowska is the figure of the dancer himself, the talented Alexey Torgunakov. Choreography dedicated to his artistic sensitivity and great culture of movement, openness and attention to the matter of corporeality. This work was not created according to specific assumptions – it was born from the observation of the developing emotionality of his dance, which, contrary to appearances, is not of the foreground. The starting point was the limitations that man creates for himself in life. The rest came through the evolution of the material. As it turns out, the purest way in the face of death – which we usually experience at the end of our days – is simply and only – LOVE. In its purest, simplest form. How can I observe myself, my thoughts, my shape, my course? How can I overcome my limitations, which as a human made of mind I project, let myself be enslaved and succumb to their superficiality? Let us hurry to love ourselves, and we will be able to love others and accept love in all its forms.

Under the Dead Tree


concept, choroegraphy & musicAnna Piotrowskacreation & performanceAlexey Torgunakovguest performerKamil Bończyk, Szymon DobosikproductionROZBARK Theater, eferte_Fundacja Rozwoju Tańcapremiere14.01.2017, SzólóDuó Festival, MU Theater, Budapest, Hungaryduration17 min.Share

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