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The Rite of Spring

Water is one of the elements, just like fire or earth, and it has always been important, ever since primitive times”.

From the very beginning, I decided that I would use idea of ritual and thirst as the main themes of my performance”.

We have a thirst. It is such a natural physical feeling that you know well, especially when you are a dancer”.

I think this theme fits perfectly with Stravinsky’s music.

The music of “The Rite of Spring” is filled with drama. I don’t want to change its sequences, situations. I will not change the content, and in my creation there will also be a ritual, but absolutely not the same one as in Stravinsky’s score”.

The Rite of Spring is a sacrifice and it is connected with the fact that there is a necessity in nature – rebirth needs to take place. (…) I’m interested in people, in their internal processes and decisions. I think that making a decision is always a choice in favour of something, and that what you don’t choose is in fact a kind of sacrifice”.

I work with the physicality of the body. It doesn’t come from acting task, as happens in dramatic art, but from the physical state and the presence of the performer here and now. Being at a rehearsal for an hour and a half, the dancer really starts to feel thirsty. This state of thirst feeds my idea with what I need”.

Tatiana Baganova, 20.03.2013, Зелёная гостиная / Большой Театр


The Rite of Spring

dance performance

choreographyTatiana BaganovamusicIgor StravinskyperformanceNadezhda Blagova, Dmitry Bogush, Vera Borisenkova, Alexey Fitisov, Georgy Gusev, Kseniya Kaplun, Vladislav Kozlov, Ilya Krivov, Anton Lavrov, Alena Lezhava, Anna Okuneva, Olga Rezvova, Yulia Shoshina, Oleg Stepanov, Eric Svolkin, Alexey Torgunakov, Natalia Vyskubenkolight designleksander Sivaevset designAleksander ShishkinproductionBolshoi Theater, Provincial Dances Theaterpremiere28.03.2013, Bolshoi Theater, Moscow, Russiaduration40 min.Share

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