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Podziemne słońca

“The newest performance directed by Anna Piotrowska is an attempt to explore the motivations that allow the energy reserves hidden in each of us to emerge. Hidden for years somewhere deep inside, undiscovered, unrecognized, wasted. Can I be great only to myself?

What does it mean to build yourself up in a group? Inspirations with cult as practitioners of searching for a higher power and connection with it, as well as various cultural practices of searching for a strong identity, build the main theme of the performance. Practicing worship as a path to yourself, incorporating experience and transmitting energy into your own body. Divinity, lined with a distant echo of images of the pantheon of ancient gods and goddesses, is transferred into contemporary realities and the experience of divinity in constant movement and delving into the world of one’s own fantasies.

Following our own motivation and making sure of our actions leads us to various recesses of our subconsciousness. After all, self-re-creation takes place by discovering new, hitherto unknown layers of one’s own personality, even if they do not only represent the light side of ourselves. The performance therefore works strongly on the energetic potential of movement, exploring various emotional states, from strong and intense sensations to subtle and lyric details. The atmosphere of dark reverie, mystery and unclear boundaries between reality and dream, which is more and more characteristic of the production of the Bytom Dance and Movement Theater, is also present here.

The performance also echoes the fascination with the Silesian landscape, hiding the wealth of natural minerals and energy sources. The idea of ​​underground potentials or the fascination with the spaces of tears and empty, undeveloped spaces below the surface, primarily influenced the attempt to create a stage space – raw, geometric, slightly abstract, expressed not only by the material shape of the scenery, but also by the direction of lights and industrial musical setting.

Movement, light and energy lead through unexpected dramatic clashes and juxtapositions of symbols, gestures of divinity, and culturally diverse references and contexts. To say that this is a “motivational spectacle” would be too literal – it is rather a journey between different levels of consciousness and unconsciousness. For there are forces in each of us, the power of which can transform us completely or sink us even deeper into stillness and a feeling of resignation. Finding life, building yourself up, empowering your “I” – a path that everyone can enter. The art world is not that much different from the everyday space of life. In a dance depiction of the body, the dancers are subject to the same tests and doubts – how to fight for your own individuality? how to express hidden needs? The language of the movement allows you to express what, apart from words, which are not always the most important in this process..”Anna Duda, critical observatory.

Podziemne słońca

dance performance

concept, direction & choroegraphyAnna PiotrowskamusicMichał Mackiewicz, Anna Piotrowskacreation & performanceArtur Bieńkowski, Kamil Bończyk, Szymon Dobosik, Anna Mikuła, Kamil Pilarski, Angelika Tomasiak, Alexey Torgunakov, Piotr Mateusz Wachcostume designAdam Królikowskiset designAnna Piotrowskalighting designPaweł Murlik, Anna Piotrowskacritical observatoryAnna Duda, Aleksandra KranzproductionROZBARK Theater, eferte_Fundacja Rozwoju Tańcapremiere24.06.2016, ROZBARK Theater, Bytom, Polandduration60 min.Share

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