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The initial phase of work on the duo was based on philosophical assumptions derived from the aesthetic writings of Edward Abramowski. The choreographer was intrigued by the corporeality of some assumptions concerning the perception of identity and the possibility of creating a specific presence that observes not only one’s own presence, but the presence of “different” or another. We experience the limit of myself in this way, only in a certain shift. As Abramowicz writes: “I” is mine completely, I cannot elaborate it into any definition, invent any attribute for it, say nothing, except that it is her; and yet nothing is clearer for me than “mine”, nothing more direct and free from any mistake, nothing more real.” The study of the boundaries of the propagation of these images and the confrontation of various forms of presence became the basis for further work. The duo (Szymon Dobosik and Alexey Torgunakov) is an attempt to test the philosophical assumptions of Edward Abramowski in practice and confront them with the space of associations and images taken from various contemporary art forms. Pastmefuture is also an attempt to understand how “I” shifts work in time. in the past and let it define us, and when do we get the impulse to create a new version of ourselves?


dance performance

concept, choroegraphy & musicAnna Piotrowskacreation & performanceSzymon Dobosik, Alexey TorgunakovproductionROZBARK Theater, eferte_Fundacja Rozwoju Tańcapremiere14.01.2017, SzólóDuó Festival, MU Theater, Budapest, Hungaryduration18 min.Share

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