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GEMINI tryptyk

The performance “GEMINI tryptych” is a continuation and extension of three previous productions, i.e. “Gemini” and “Gemini&after” from 2006 (performed by Patrycja Dońska and Anna Piotrowska) and “Gemini / recall” from 2017 (performed by Artur Bieńkowski, Kamil Bończyk and Alexey Torgunakov).

The main motive of the prototype was the creation and search for dependence of Siamese sisters bound-joined together by a quasi-inseparable relationship. This became the starting point for further exploration of the performance for three and five performers.

The latest edition of “GEMINI tryptyk” is a triptych, three parts combined with music of Henryk Górecki:

The theme of twin dependence is extended to include the context of the social ecosystem and the dependencies of its elements. The essence is a physical dialogue in which harmony and strength are sought for the (not)presence of the individual and the bodily interactions of the community.

gentle care of bodies
the body passes through the body
body impression

GEMINI tryptyk

dance theater performance

concept & choroegraphyAnna PiotrowskamusicHenryk Mikołaj Góreckicreation & performanceKamil Bończyk, Joanna Brodniak, Anna Piotrowska, Alexey Torgunakov, Katarzyna Ziołocostume designAnna Piotrowska, Bronia Cichylight designDastin Greczyło, Anna PiotrowskaproductionROZBARK Theaterpremiere26.02.2021, ROZBARK Theater, Bytom, Polandduration50 min.Share

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